Strategy & Vision

Vision Statement

East meat strives to be the leading producer and processor of indigenous chicken and beef in East Africa in future. The company is devoted in ensuring that farmers are are improving on raising the free range breed, commitment in getting better markets for our farmers produce and ensuring no shortage of our products to our customers.

Mission Statement

The primary objective of EastMeat is to ensure guaranteed quality and freshness of our meat products. To meet our objectives, the company is committed in working closely with the farmers to ensure no shortages of our quality product in the market.

Our Values

A commitment to sustainability and acting friendly way in the environment as per our slogan tells it all “Guaranteed  quality and freshness”.

Business goals and objectives

Our goal is to ensure beef farmers and indigenous chicken farmers are empowered in rearing quality meat products . Our major objective is to ensure at any given time, the company has adequate indigenous chicken and beef that can feed the country and to venture in exporting our products to oversees  markets.

Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is based on the following;

  1. Market penetration  :We believe our products have the taste our customers are looking after. Easy to sell due to its demand.
  2. Market Expansion: Our products have the quality it takes to sell in different markets. Talk of displays in supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, schools etc. Our motive is to sell the products at affordable  prices to everyone.
  3. Product Expansion : We would like to ensure value addition on our products meet the taste of the clients.  We work towards making our clients happy.
  4.  Diversification: We would like our company benefit from geographical diversification..i.e…enlarging our range of products.

  The gantt chart can be set to show the project schedule for data the range of weeks you like.