Eastmeat Supplies Covid – 19 pandemic coping strategy

Eastmeat Supplies is a leading agribusiness specialist in pure indigenous chicken, goats and beef meat processing company in Kenya.  It was founded in November 2015 and duly registered the same year.  Scale and specialization facilitate a customer-focused experience that offers affordable quality pure indigenous chicken and livestock products. We invest in the farmers’ training, standards, systems & processes, and product development as well as efficient delivery methods to meet our objective to deliver products consistently throughout the year meeting freshness, quality and tenderness.

Following the Covid – 19 pandemic we have introduced meat and meat products home deliveries within Nairobi. This information was relayed in our social media Facebook page – Eastmeat supplies limited where customers have been placing orders. The rapid rise in the orders, conspired to creation of online ordering app called Emeat appDownload Here!

Through the app, customers will be able to pick the meat product of their choice, place an order, enter their delivery details and make payment through a till number 683612. The order will then be received by central butchery, processed and delivered at the customers doorstep. This will ensure that our customers continue to enjoy our meat and meat products while safely working from home.

As the development of the app is ongoing, online orders through our social media and website has continued to grow with customers buying in bulk in anticipation of a lock-down due to Covid-19. This has seen our monthly sales revenue grow from 4m to 6m with a 30% growth from online orders. We have realized this is an avenue that we are keen to build not only for the period but also embed in a long-term business strategy.

You can also reach us via 0790391447 to place your order.

At Eastmeat, we are passionate about our customer and smallholder producer’s satisfaction thus truly “big enough to deliver, small enough to care”.

Where to Buy

Our Products are currently available at Moment Point Café Nairobi
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